CLC (Cellular light weight Concrete) blocks for all external walls
Fly-ash bricks for all internal walls
Reinforcement steel with high recycled content
RMC with more than 30% recycled content
Cement with more than 30% recycled content
Glass with "Low-E" value
Thermal roof insulation using XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) or PUF (Poly urethane foam) coating
ACs with 3 / 5-star rating
Pumps and Motors rated BEE 4 star
Water and Energy metering for increased consumption awareness
Disabled-friendly common areas
No-smoking policy for common areas
Solar water heating facility
Reflective material for roof flooring, to reduce heat absorption
More than 15% landscaping in common area
Rain-water harvesting
Low VOC Materials, Paint & Adhesives